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Breastfeeding Training by Lactation Consultant

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GPLS Knows Your Needs

Since 1979, Founder of GPLS Confinement Nanny Agency Singapore, Catherine Wong, personally hands on as a confinement lady and with her vast years of experienced and with a Big Pool Of 200 professionally trained experienced confinement nannies, we together strive continuously in giving the best confinement experience to you and your precious newborn baby.

After 9 months of pregnancy and delivery, mother's ability to fully recuperate is crucial for long term health, now and future.

Our trained counselor based in Singapore will meet you at the comfort of your home, listen attentively to you, your needs and carefully hand pick the right confinement nanny/confinement lady in order to provide you the utmost comfort and care.

GPLS "Post-Natal Jamu Massage" is a heritage back from Indonesia that is done after child birth. It helps mum to get back in shape, regain health and energy. The treatment is done in the comfort of your own home.

With GPLS one stop-service, be pampered, rest and leave the rest to us.